4-H Presentations Challenges Youth

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4-H Presentations is a program designed to help youth build confidence and experience in public speaking. Bladen County 4-H members are encouraged to do a 4-H presentation either for their club or their county each year. In order to qualify for district and state competitions, a 4-H member must schedule a time with the county 4-H agent to deliver their presentation or provide recorded virtual presentation. The 4-H Presentation program is open to all actively enrolled 4-H members ages 5 to 18.

To register for participation or let our county leaders know that you are interested in participating in this program, you will need to complete this google form:

2019 Presentation Registration Form

If you need more information about categories, etc. you can find out more information here: 4-H Awards and Incentives Programs

Do you need more training and preparation before starting your 4-H presentation? Let Mrs. Stacie know by sending an email to stacie_kinlaw@ncsu.edu.

Tips for preparing your 4-H presentation:

  1. Download our weekly Challenge forms and complete the suggested activities – WEEK ONE Challenge.
  2. Search and watch 4-H presentations or 4-H Demonstrations on youtube for some examples.
  3. Pick a topic that is something you are ALREADY interested in learning more about or that you already know about. You can demonstrate how to do something or provide a more informational presentation.
  4. Realize that this is about learning by doing – the more you speak in public, the more comfortable you will be.

Please contact Stacie Kinlaw, Bladen County 4-H agent if you would like more information about youth programming in Bladen County. Enrollment in 4-H is FREE for ages 5 to 18. We use the 4-HOnline enrollment system.

Contact information is (910) 862-4591 or stacie_kinlaw@ncsu.edu.